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This review options allows you to configure the reviews feature of your site, with options to activate schema markup for SEO, specify which user roles can submit reviews, and select the style of reviews, such as points or stars. You can also personalize the color scheme, upload emojis for reactions, and define titles for different review scores to create a tailored and engaging user experience:

  • Schema Markup: Toggle to enable schema markup. This helps search engines understand the content of the reviews, potentially enhancing SEO.
  • Allowed Roles: Choose which user roles are permitted to leave reviews. This ensures that only authorized users, such as administrators, can post reviews.
  • Reviews Style: Select the style of the reviews. The example shows “Points” as the chosen style, which likely means reviewers can score the product or service with a numerical value.
  • Colors: Customize the colors associated with the reviews. These could correspond to different rating levels or simply be aesthetic choices to match the website’s theme.
  • Review Emoji: Option to upload an emoji icon to represent the review score, which could be used in a ‘reaction’ style review system.
  • Icons Type: Choose the type of icons used for the reviews (if the reviews style set to icons). The screenshot shows “Star” as the selected type, typical for star-rating systems.
  • Review Title (1/5 to 5/5): Input fields for defining the titles associated with each score level. In this example, the titles are “Poor” for a 1/5 score, escalating to “Amazing” for a full 5/5 score.

These settings allow for a customizable review system that can adapt to the specific needs and branding of the website.

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