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Private: Faerun – Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Branding is a key section of your website’s settings in terms of its personalization and identity. Here you configure only a few values, but they are nonetheless very important.

  • Upload your Logotype: this is where you can upload your primary logo image, which is typically used in the header across your site.
  • Upload your Logotype (Dark Version): here, you can upload a dark version of your logo to ensure visibility against lighter backgrounds or for use in dark mode.
  • Upload your Mini Logotype: for areas where space is limited or a smaller logo is required, such as a mobile header or footer, you can upload a miniaturized version of your logo here.
  • Upload your Mini Logotype (Dark Version): similar to the dark version of the primary logo, this option allows you to upload a dark version of your mini logo.
  • Input your copyright: customize the copyright notice displayed typically at the bottom of your site. You can use the {year} shortcode to automatically display the current year, ensuring that the copyright notice is always up to date without the need for manual changes.

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