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Qreatix – Interactive Portfolio WordPress Theme
Qreatix – Interactive Portfolio WordPress Theme
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Theme Registration

Home Docs Qreatix Installation Theme Registration

After successful installation and activation of the theme, you will be redirected to the Qreatix Dashboard page, on this page you need to activate your domain.

Make sure that you want to activate the current domain, you should have only 1 active domain for 1 license (you can change domains, but only 1 will be active).

Follow the instructions and click the Activate License button.

After clicking on the button, a new browser window will open, in which you will be asked to login to your Envato account (if you have active authorization in Envato in your current browser, then you will not have to re-enter the data).

After successful authorization, you must allow access to your data (don’t worry, we only get access to the list of purchased items)

By giving access 1 time, you will not have to do this anymore, all the following licenses of our items on your account will be registered without the first 2 steps.

After completing the previous 2 steps, you will be redirected to our website, where you will be prompted to activate your domain, the registration window will provide short information about the theme, your activations and the license expiration date.

If you are sure you want to continue click the Proceed button, then wait a few seconds, and if the registration was successful you will be immediately redirected back to your main browser, where instead of the old registration window a new panel with the “Activated” activation status will appear.

This page provides basic information about your license, expiration date and registration status.

You can also notice here the Deactivate Domain button, when you click on it, the domain deactivation window will open, so if you want to change the active registration domain, you can do this at any time by deactivating the old one.

If you try to activate another domain without an additional license, you will not be able to do so.

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