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Andale – Creative HTML5 Portfolio Template
Andale – Creative HTML5 Portfolio Template
44 Articles Version 1.0

There are 6 types of portfolio in the template

The wrapper for the portfolio grid is as follows:

<div class="container isotope-grid-wrapper">
            <div class="isotope-grid portfolio-grid portfolio-grid-digital portfolio-grid-4-columns">

You can change the type of portfolio by changing the class to the type you need, and you can also change the types of filters, for this you need to change the class on the block with filter buttons:

<div class="buttons-group buttons-group-creative">
                    <div class="buttons-group-inner">
                        <button class="active-button" data-filter="*">All</button>
                        <button data-filter=".inspiration">Inspiration</button>
                        <button data-filter=".music">Music</button>
                        <button data-filter=".photography">Photography</button>
                        <button data-filter=".health">Health</button>
                        <button data-filter=".design">Design</button>

Here is a list of portfolio grid classes :

  • portfolio-grid-scale
  • portfolio-grid-simple
  • portfolio-grid-modern
  • portfolio-grid-digital
  • portfolio-grid-creative
  • portfolio-grid-default

Here is a list of filter button classes:

  • buttons-group-default
  • buttons-group-modern
  • buttons-group-creative
  • buttons-group-digital

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