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Melady – Creative Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme
Melady – Creative Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme
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After Installation

Home Docs Melady Installation After Installation

After the installation process is completed, we recommend that you follow these steps:

  • Set the default width of the Elementor container. To do this, follow to Elementor > Settings > Style > Content Width. We recommend set this value to 1200px.
  • Set global style settings in the visual editor of Elementor.

To set the global style settings, go to any page, and click Edit with Elementor.

After that click on the hamburger icon.

After clicking on the icon, the global settings panel will open, and you will be able to configure global website styles in real time.

  • Regenerate css files for Elementor. To do this, follow to Elementor > Tools > Regenerate CSS.
  • Set Values for Typography & Page Templates in Theme Options.
  • Set the appropriate values for you in the Settings > Reading and Settings > Permalinks tab.

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