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Enardo – Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme
Enardo – Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme
82 Articles Version 3.5

The Menus panel allows you to create navigation menus and control their location on your website.

On this tab, you’ll find all existing WordPress menus that you’ve created previously. You can click on the “View All Locations” button to check the available menu locations that your theme supports.

To create a new menu, you need to click on the Create New Menu button.

After that, you will need to give a name to your menu, so you can easily manage it later. You can also select the menu location and then click on Next to proceed.

To add items to this menu, you need to click on the Add Items button to open a new panel. You can now add custom links, pages, posts, categories, and tags as menu items.

To reorder the items, you can click on the Reorder link and then use the arrow icons to adjust the menu items.

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