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How to Remove Duplicate Demo Content After Import

  • Oleksandr Poslushnyak Oleksandr Poslushnyak
  • September 13, 2023
  • 2 min read
  • 147

Managing Demo Content: How to Remove and Try Different Demos

When you’re experimenting with your website, trying out different demos can be a great way to explore various styles and features. If you’ve imported a demo and now wish to try a different one or need to address duplicate content, the methods outlined below will guide you on how to remove imported demo content.

Scenarios and Solutions:

  • Removing Demo Content to Import a New One:
    • Use these methods to clean out existing demo content, preparing for a fresh import of a new demo. This ensures a clean slate and prevents any remnants from affecting the new demo’s layout and design.
  • Addressing Duplicate Demo Content:
    • Sometimes, due to a hiccup or accidental clicks during import, duplicate demo content can be generated. This method helps in dealing with such duplicate content, ensuring a seamless demo import experience.

Method 1: Using the WP Reset Plugin (Exercise Caution!)

  • Important Note:
    • The WP Reset Plugin is a powerful tool that swiftly resets your WordPress installation to its initial state. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution as it wipes out all database content, excluding themes and plugins.
  • Steps:
    1. Download and install the WP Reset Plugin.
    2. Activate the plugin via your WordPress plugins page.
    3. Access the ‘Reset Site’ option by hovering over your site name.
    4. Type ‘reset’ in the provided text box and click ‘Reset’.
    5. Confirm the action in the warning pop-up by clicking ‘Ok’.
    6. Once completed, your WordPress install will be clean. Reactivate the theme and included plugins, and proceed to import your desired demo or start adding your own content.

Method 2: Manual Removal (For Specific Content Removal)


  • Process:
    • This method involves manual deletion of specific demo content, allowing you to retain selected items while removing others. Useful when you want to keep some demo content intact while removing certain elements.
  • Steps:
    • Navigate to the respective content areas in WordPress (e.g., “Pages”) and manually delete the unwanted demo content (e.g., pages, posts). This approach is ideal when you’ve already customized demo content and wish to preserve specific elements.

By following these approaches, you can efficiently manage your demo content, ensuring a smooth transition between demos while maintaining a clean and organized website.