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Bundled Plugins

  • Oleksandr Poslushnyak Oleksandr Poslushnyak
  • September 13, 2023
  • 3 min read
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Understanding Bundled Plugins: An Overview

Many themes available on ThemeForest come bundled with premium plugins sourced from CodeCanyon. These plugins serve as additional components, extending the functionality and features beyond what a typical WordPress installation offers.

Defining Bundled Plugins

So, what exactly are bundled plugins? Bundled plugins essentially provide the same core features and functionality as the standalone versions available on CodeCanyon. Often, theme authors include specific plugins like Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, or other Page Builder plugins within their theme items, enhancing the theme’s capabilities.

Activation and Registration Process

It’s common for some plugins to prompt for a purchase code for registration or activation upon installation. However, for bundled plugins, you can disregard these prompts as they do not require activation or registration. The plugin functions seamlessly once the theme itself has been activated or registered.

Plugin Updates and Maintenance

When a bundled plugin undergoes an update, the theme author ensures to incorporate the latest version of the plugin within their subsequent theme update. This way, updating the bundled plugin aligns with updating your theme, simplifying the process.

Distinguishing Bundled and Standalone Plugins

Understanding the differences between standalone plugins and those bundled with themes is crucial:

Standalone (separately purchased) plugins:

  • Possess individual licenses
  • Can be used independently with any theme
  • Include a unique purchase code for activation
  • Offer direct updates and support from the plugin author

Bundled plugins (part of a theme purchase):

  • Tied to the same license as the theme they come with
  • Supported by the theme’s author during your support period
  • Updated alongside the theme updates

Considerations and Recommendations

While bundled plugins offer convenience and value, enabling you to save money and time, it’s essential to consider your needs. If you anticipate using a plugin independently or across various themes, or if you seek direct updates and developer support, purchasing the plugin separately might be worthwhile.

Ensuring Compatibility and Updates

Plugins undoubtedly enhance theme functionality, but it’s vital to note that Envato can only guarantee the compatibility of the theme’s included plugin versions. Always update all components within the bundle together to prevent compatibility issues and ensure seamless functioning.

In Need of a Bundled Plugin Update?

If you receive an update alert or your plugin no longer functions correctly, it might be due to a recent plugin update. Unless you’ve separately purchased the plugin, the theme author will provide the latest bundled plugin version with their subsequent theme update.