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Enardo – Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme
Enardo – Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme
90 Articles Version 3.2

Theme Activation

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To get all the necessary modules of the theme and its full performance, you need to activate the theme through your purchase code.

This can be done during the theme setup. Below is a detailed guide on how to do this:

  • After activating the theme, you will be greeted by the Merlin Setup Wizard window.


You can also start the installation process by going to Appearance > Theme Setup

  • Click on the Start button and you will begin the process of installing the main modules of the theme. After completing 1 step (Start) and 2 step (installing a Child Theme, more on this here) you will be greeted with a theme activation window.
  • If the license check was successful, you will receive a message in the window and after that you can continue your installation further (the next installation step will open automatically)
  • The next time you go to the setup wizard, you will no longer have to enter these values. But in case of a full reinstallation of the theme (with the clearing of all meta-data from the database), you will have to go through this activation again.


Where to find the purchase code and API Key is described in the following article:


In this way you can activate the theme for only 1 domain. In case of violation of this rule, all activations except the first will be disabled (the rule doesn’t apply to local or test domains that aren’t open for public viewing)

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